Final Image Start

So I wasn’t to excited about this assignment, but that is pretty normal for me. I don’t sketch very well so I have to do the image first so here are my source images.

AsphaltRoad.jpge1fadce4-e28c-4db2-bcb2-dd5d9182f7d1Larger 28_1ocean_3252_pink_sky_straight_horizon_43x65 borneo_204 Craik-Patton_House_Apr_09 Turning_Torso_3 tree26 Tallest-Skyscrapers-and-Reality-4 tabebuia-ipe-gift-shop nyc_skyline negril_3_palms JCwaterfront Luxury Home download curved-road-ireland curved_road-t2

Here is a screen shot of my image.

Screenshot 2013-11-24 21.17.46

So as usual Im not really enjoying this image much, just like all the others. Its actually a huge pain, mostly because I still have painting layers to do and I dont know what else I want to add into my image, if it were up to me Id leave it like it is and turn it in. I should have listened a little harder in class this week, because then writing the 200 words wouldnt be so hard because I could add notes in here, but I dont take notes, ever. I should start doing that. I remember last week I didnt have a presentation to do but I sure did learn a lot from everyone else, that was a good learning experience for me. I cant wait for this image to be done though, I am a little excited to see what it will look like when I am all done. Its just the getting there that I have an issue with. I need to learn to like this more.


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